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Braille Signages (HK)
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Professional stainless steel tactile Installation
SureSteel Drill&Lock Black Select stainless steel tactile

Venue: Tuen Mun Town Hall (ASD)
Project time: Feb 12

SureSteel Drill&Lock Yellow Select stainless steel tactile

Venue: Wanchai Immigration Tower (ASD)
Project time: Apr 12

SureSteel(R) Drill&Lock(R) 3M stainless steel tactile

Venue: Cho Yiu Estate renovation works
Project time: Jul 2022

New Project

The ONLY full range tactile product solution provider in Hong Kong market of Homogeneous Tactile, Stainless Steel Tactile, Polymeric Tactile, Braille Signages, Braille Plates, Tactile Fire Exit Map and etc for ASD projects (TC X088 - TC X092) covering almost all kind of existing government buildings in Hong Kong, Kowloon, NT and remote islands for upgrading the tactile facilities for the benefit of those vision impaired to have a barrier free environment to live.