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Braille Signages (HK)
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StepRight Aluminum Entrance Matting
ProStep Safety Nosings
Professional stainless steel tactile Installation
Anodised Black stainless steel Drill&Lock(R) tactile

Warning Directional and Positional tactile
Tailor-made anodised surface treatment (black)
Patent Drill&Lock machanism
No adhesive is needed in installation
20mm long mechan.....

Application of Braille Floor plate and Handrail directional plate

Made from 304 stainless steel
Specific Braille floor plate + Handrail directional plate
Suitable for both Left and Right side Handrail applications
Made for Hong Kong specific tac.....

SureSteel Drill&Lock Positional Indicator

Concentric ring top surface
Stainless Steel of #316 standard
Anchoring spigot for fixing on surface of ceramic, marble.....